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Exploring the North

Recently I was looking back at old photos from the times when I was just starting to explore Scotland and take photography seriously. At around the time that I graduated from University and took up professional outdoor instruction I felt that my personal knowledge of Scotland as a whole was pretty good, but there were (and still are) huge gaps in my knowledge where the … Continue reading Exploring the North

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Wilderness Workshop

On Monday I had the pleasure to spend a day delivering a photography workshop to the lucky winners of Wilderness Scotland‘s annual competition to win a break to the Highlands. Susan and Russell joined me for a day exploring the local area and learning techniques to help them improve their landscape photography. We had a fun day exploring three different locations and talking lots about … Continue reading Wilderness Workshop

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Morning Magic, Evening Enchantment

It was a week of terrific weather here in the ‘gorms. As you would imagine I was working over the bulk of the good weather but I did manage to fit a couple of good days of photography in at the beginning and end of the sunshine. Sunshine is always welcome of course, but relentless brightness with snow does not make a good combination for … Continue reading Morning Magic, Evening Enchantment

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Taking Pictures On Purpose

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about photography lately. As part of my journey toward becoming a better photographer I think it is important to analyse everything about it. I’m not referring to the technical aspects, which I consider to be nothing more than an inspection of the tools with which a craftsman works. I am thinking of the deeper thoughts. I started … Continue reading Taking Pictures On Purpose

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Light Beneath the Branches

Out into the snow today. With a forecast for sun and snowstorms, and a little more snow still on the ground than expected after yesterday’s thaw, I headed out into Rothiemurchus with a hired pair of Nordic skis to see what I could find. I had an interesting and useful day practicing some outdoor skills. Photographically today has cemented my ideas about shooting in the … Continue reading Light Beneath the Branches

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In the Field of Frost

I’m standing on the highest point of ground in a frozen juxtaposition of moorland and forest. I’m surrounded by a billion sprigs of heather etched into brilliance by a combination of hoar frost and the low, and admittedly winter, sunlight. As the Earth turns so the sun glances slowly across each nook and cranny of this cold vista and as it seeks out and probes … Continue reading In the Field of Frost

Seeing Well – Developing the Principles of Good Photography

Lately I have been spending a lot of time┬ádeveloping the idea of Seeing Well. I have felt the need to set down a codified set of behavioral principles for photography for some time. My hope is that following these principles will do things. 1. On a small scale: directly improve both the experience and results of landscape photography shoots. 2. On a large scale: provide … Continue reading Seeing Well – Developing the Principles of Good Photography